17 July 2003

Bush War Lies #12

The Bush administration continues to lie to the public and assure them that the troops are committed for the long haul -- despite widespread reports of incredibly low morale and troop resentment due to repeatedly broken promises.

Last night, I watched the BBC World News, and saw some things you will not be seeing on the conservative-controlled US media:

-- A US soldier from the 3rd Infantry Division (the guys who actually conquered Baghdad) saying that he has "no clue" as to why they are still in Iraq.

-- Another US soldier saying that if Rumsfeld were in the room, he would "ask for the secretary's resignation."

-- Yet another soldier commenting that he "could not repeat on camera" his feelings for Sec. Rumsfeld.

-- A scene of American soldiers on foot patrol in Iraq, not speaking to the natives, barely looking at them, concerned only with protecting themselves and getting back to base alive. No more "attempting to win the hearts and minds" of the Iraqis.

-- And finally, the BBC report cut back to the Pentagon for a reaction to this footage, where a military spokesman reminds the troops that "they are not free to criticise the President or the administration in any way." This was an eye-opener for me, I did not know that US soldiers give up their constitutional rights when they decide to lay their life on the line for us.

So ask yourselves: why is it that no US network will show this footage of troops complaining? Why is it that no US network will air footage of the deeply angry and resentful families of US servicemen, who have been repeatedly lied to about when they are coming home and why they have not been replaced with fresh troops? Why didn't the US networks air the Pentagon's stern rebuke to the soldiers?

(Actually, I know the answer to that last one: because if they had, they would have had to air the complaints in the first place.)

Ask yourself: how much more are the US news networks not telling us about this "war" and how deeply mired we are in it?

Update:This editorial from the Wisconsin Capital Times tells it like it is.

Update #2: So maybe you'd like to know why Bush lied about Saddam trying to buy uranium (and many other things). I think this editorial at Slate.com goes over the facts and comes up with the truth. (thanks to thismodernworld.com for the tip-off!)

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