16 July 2003

Speaking of Damn Liars and an Apathetic Public ...

Microsoft today announced that there are "critical" security flaws in all their currently-supported Windows operating systems (NT, 2000, XP and even Windows Server 2003, launched three months ago) that could allow hackers to "take control of a computer over the Internet to steal, delete and snoop on a user's data."

Seems like we hear something like this from them every week or so, doesn't it? Oops, that's because we do. So far this year (counting today's three new security patches), MS has released 29 patches or updates, and it's only mid-July. For those of you who can't average things, that works out to about two patches per week.

This latest admission comes 18 months (yes, a year and a half ago) after Microsoft launched the laughably-named "Trustworthy Computing Initiative" and was directed by Bill Gates in a public memo to build security into every level of the operating system.

How long are we going to let these incompetent boobs run our lives, folks? How long? What's it gonna take for you to get off your lazy ass and find a better solution?

Doesn't it bother you that the same leaky, buggy, insecure Windows that you are having trouble with on your home PC is running the government's and the military's computers? Can't we do better than this?

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