18 July 2003

My Blood Runs Cold

I am, at heart, a very happy-go-lucky guy. I like people, and people tend to like me -- I'm a good laugh, a fun guy to talk to, happiest when I am finding the good in someone I thought I didn't like.

In other words, I don't get down easily. I also don't get scared easily.

But I read something today that made my blood run cold. And that's not a feeling I'm used to.

Here's what I read that sent shivers up and down my spine: a young, educated white (but kind of tanned) man in Atlanta was visited by the FBI because he had been looking at a printout of an anti-Fox News rant he downloaded from the net in a local coffee shop, and someone claimed he was reading "subversive material."

Here's the man's account of the incident. Here's the article that he was reading.

This shit terrifies me.

What country is this??? What can I do to take it back???

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