12 July 2003

And the Best PC in Every Category is ...

... a Mac.

Best Desktops: Apple G4s
Best Laptops: Apple Powerbooks
Best OS (specifically, "most stable" with over 50% of users reporting "no lockups ever"): Mac OS X
Best Server: Apple Xserve

And this is according to PC Magazine, folks. And this is before the G5 comes out.

Kudos to PCM (both the editors and the readers) for putting the truth and the best info for their readers ahead of the interests of their advertisers for a change. Sadly, this makes PC Magazine virtually unique in their field. Incidentally, this echoes findings by Consumer Reports magazine rather consistently.

So if you can handle the truth, you owe it to yourself to at least visit an Apple retail store and give this stuff an honest spin. You won't be sorry.

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