14 July 2003

Another Orlando Blogger

I'd like to welcome Blunted On Reality to the left-hand link list of Orlando bloggers. It's a great blog with lots of lovely links. It's so good to know that there is a small but growing number of people in Orlando who are ready to revolt against these crazy right-wing lunatics we seem to have had thrust upon us.

Hey, I wonder how many Orlando people have signed up for a Howard Dean meetup?

Update: Well I nevah! There's over 260 people coming to the next Orlando-area Howard Dean meetup! Man, that's refreshing! My faith this little backwards burg has been somewhat restored. When you add in the people supporting other Democratic or Independent candidate meetups (44 for Kerry, 33 for Clark, 27 for the Dems in general), that's almost 400 people who are really getting involved in bringing some badly-needed regime change to the US and our state.

Compare this to the number of Sean Hannity loser-listeners (34) or Republican Party zombies (24) or -- very disturbing -- Bill O'Reilly weirdos (17). Who in their right mind (pun intended) would want to hang out and talk about that nutjob?

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