09 July 2003

Caught, Caught, CAUGHT!

Pursuant to Bush War Lies #10 (see below), the adminstration has now admitted that they used information they (I love this) "now know to have been false." What's interesting is how the so-called "liberal" news media refers to this as "a misunderstanding" (yes, that's what they called it ... on CNN, supposedly a liberal bastion!) or at absolute worse, "possibly deliberate misleading."

Why not just call it LYING? Or TREASON? Or AN IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE? Cuz that's what I call misleading the public and putting our soldier's in harm's way almost exclusively to settle a personal vendetta.

And again I ask: where is the so-called "liberal media"? Sure, there's a handful of small outfits that could qualify, but I'm talking about the major outlets. Where are the leaders who will stand up and say "President Bush lied to us all, and deserves to be impeached?" Where are they??

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