16 April 2009

Teabaggers Are Nuts :)

So, are we done hiding in fear of the righteous anger of the “Teabagger” revolution? I only ask because it turns out they're as impotent as the guys in a Cialis commercial.
Whipped up by all the right-wing blathermouths operating in unison (why almost as though they had a set of prepared talking points given to them by a certain political organisation!), protests across the US still only managed to draw a little over a quarter-million people, according to composites compiled by Nate Silver.
That would have been mildly impressive if they'd all gone to Washington, but spread out over the entire country? Gay-rights protests routinely draw better numbers. Indeed, it’s probably safe to say that more people were “teabagged” (the fun way) this weekend than showed up for this limp outing. To put some real perspective on this, more than 10 times as many people had a Starbucks that day.
Perhaps the reason for this can be boiled down to basically three answers:
1. Americans are not, for the most part, unhappy about their taxes. Except the rich, of course.
2. Americans, for the most part, don’t think they pay too much in taxes
3. These people, particularly the astroturf “leaders” of this “movement,” were completely silent when George Bush was spending money “like a drunken sailor” and the Republican-controlled Congress bankrupted the nation and allowed their fat-cat contributors to plunder our economy.
I wonder -- can the protesters (who now appear to be lobbying mainly for the benefit of millionaires) deduct expenses for hypocrisy?

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