27 February 2009

Crusty Post!

Those of you who are subscribed to my podcast -- Chas’ Crusty Old Wave -- via iTunes will have to wait a bit for the February episode to show up.

Apple made some changes in how iWeb interacts with the iTunes store, so while all the old episodes are still available, the new one (#63 from 30-Oct-92) is not yet there. They are aware of the problem, and presumably will take a break from working on iOwnEverything to fix it in due course.

Those who do not subscribe via iTunes, the new episode is up on the web site. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

The not-at-all-anonymous Mark Glenn writes:

I noticed you newest podcast links back to "web.me.com" instead of the usual "web.mac.com", which might be the main problem.
Also, you've listed the date as Oct-30-1994, when I know it was Oct-30-1992, as I was in the DJ booth with you that night! Who could forget a 6 foot tall transvestite dancing on a table top to a Eurythmics tune wearing platform pumps and a giant feather boa? Almost made the colored jello shots they served seem boring.

chas_m said...

Yeah, you'd think Apple themselves would know to compensate for the change induced by the new version of iWeb (and MobileMe) but noooo.

As for the Big Bang night, thanks for picking up on that, I knew the date but typo'd it on the website. Fixed.

That whole club -- and the short time it was open -- was such a magical hole in the wall ... :)