28 February 2009

Better That I Would Have Put It

Fellow (but much more talented) Daily Kos diarist Hunter took a more semantic look at one of the many odd comments Gov. Bobby Jindal made in his “Republican Response” the other night, which I had noted as well:

Republican Bobby Jindal's bizarre callout of “volcano monitoring” as one of those things government shouldn’t be bothering with, in his rebuttal to President Obama, has already been amply mocked.

I’m most struck by his wording, which was not just dissing volcano monitoring, but more exactly, quote: “something called ‘volcano monitoring’”. That “something called” part was just strange ... what, does the supposed new star of the Republican party not know that we monitor volcanoes?


Seriously, he had no Republican around him who could look at those two words, and know what they meant, and know that, for example, there’s an eruption expected even as we speak that could threaten people and infrastructure in Alaska? Not one person? Not one person who said “you know, pal, maybe the governor of Louisiana doesn’t want to come out snarfing against early warning systems for natural disasters. Just a friggin’ thought.”

Oh go read the whole (short) thing. Then ask yourself, “Yeah, why is that?”

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