05 January 2008


Actually, I'm undecided still, but it was nice to see Iowa send a loud, clear message:
1. Everybody who supports this war is going to lose.
2. We're sick of the establishment. Both parties.

(Conservative friends point out another very possible lesson to learn from Iowa: "Nobody named Clinton, and nobody like Bush, is going to win." A fair point.)

This is bad news for Hillary Clinton, and all the Republicans except Ron Paul. Clinton in particular had better figure out how to be a lot more anti-war, and more anti-Bush than Obama and Edwards, pretty quick, or it could be a very long year for her.

On another note, I think I've figured out how the "liberal" media became so conservative: too many rich, hypocritical and disturbingly creepy white guys who literally cannot be wrong enough to ever get fired, even though being right about things is actually their job.

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