06 January 2008

Get Your War On

I cannot believe I've gone this long without mentioning my second-favourite of all time webcomic, Get Your War On. So here's their plug.


Jim Donato said...

Get Your War On used to run in our local alt weekly and though it minces no words in a "refreshing" way, it is a one note screed that QUICKLY GROWS TIRESOME! I didn't miss it when it went away. Even Tom Tomorrow has grown stale as he has computerized the production of the strip. His tropes are equally stale. He needs to hang it up. My cartoon faves currently are Jen Sorenson's Slowpoke:


and Reuben Bolling's brilliant Tom The Dancing Bug:


chas_m said...

"Get Your War On" is certainly best enjoyed with occasional dips in the pool rather than regular reading (as is Tom Tomorrow), but I have to say I think you're blaming the messenger here a bit.

After all, it's a wonder both artists haven't COMMITTED SUICIDE from the relentless, stupefying INANITY that goes by the name "Iraq War" and "Bush Administration" respectively. Ward Sutton (the Jack T. Chick of anti-Bush comics!) has the same problem.

TtDB is probably my #3 fave (PVP is still #1) and I'll be sure to check out Slowpoke. Thanks!

Jim Donato said...

Hey - you bandied about jargon like "PVP" as if I had a direct mindlilnk with you. What strip is "PVP?"

chas_m said...




They're like a whole 'nother group of pals. Be sure to read back a month or two, cuz unlike most other webcomix this one has PLOTLINES that play out. You get a better sense of the characters by browsing back to before the current storyline.

Jim Donato said...


Now I remember a previous e-mail about this strip. Doesn't do anything for me as I'm not a part of gaming culture and any geek status I have now has everything to do with being a trainspotting record collector with decades of computer experience and nothing to do with media sci-fi/comix.