15 February 2006


I've been out there having one of those "life" things and not blogging as much. Apologies to all.

As I write this, I'm in Canada again, this time scouting for jobs and housing with my wife Heather. So far, I've visited this country three times, and had good luck on the weather each time (though it's surprisingly cold for Victoria BC as I write this, approximately 0 degrees Celsius (32F).

Still, this is about as cold as it ever gets here -- I've been constantly surprised in doing a comparison of Victoria and Vancouver with Atlanta when it comes to winter weather. Atlanta consistently boasts colder temperatures!

When we're done buzzing around the west coast of this beautiful country, we're heading back to LA and our annual Gallifrey convention. This is the first time the convention's been held since Doctor Who was given a roaring revival by the BBC. If you're not familar with this classic show, it's original 26-year run or the exciting new series set to have its US premiere next month on the Sci-Fi Channel, start here for an eye-opening education.

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