23 February 2006


It is exceedingly rare these days that a congressional Republican and I can agree on something, but North Carolina's Sue Myrick has managed to be both honest and concise (difficult to achieve for politicians of all stripes) with her pithy reply to Bush's planned treason of selling control of our eastern seaboard ports to the UAE. This PDF copy of her letter is well worth the five seconds it takes to read.

One further thought on this subject: the fact that Bush has threatened to go to the mat over this -- a deal that even Republicans think sacrifices national security in the name of enriching Bush's buddies -- tells even the stupidest, most disconnected people (ie Red State residents) everything they need to know about this president: he doesn't care about you, or America ... he cares about his rich pals and his campaign contributors. Exclusively.

If you happen to benefit from that, fine -- but don't confuse it for governing, or leadership.

UPDATE: This entry at Americablog sums up my "further thought" above better than I did.

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