21 March 2005

On Terry Schiavo

If this weren't a real person's life being played like a ping-pong ball, I'd find it amusing that the same Republicans who are always telling me to "just let it go" or "just get over it" regarding the fact that Bush cheated his way into the White House in 2000 via massive vote fraud and count-rigging would "just let it go" and "just get over it" that the courts have consistently ruled that Mrs. Schiavo should be allowed to die.

Oh, no, that's not good enough for them -- it's time for a "do-over," courtesy a bunch of grandstanding hypocrites who, a month ago, couldn't have cared less. I'm pleased to say that most of my Republican friends (and I do have quite a fair few, thank you) are as disgusted by this as normal people.

Digby has the last word on this subject. He speaks for me. Go read.

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