21 March 2005

More on Terry

You know, one of the things that always comes out of horrible events like this (at least if you're a illogically optimistic cynic as I am) is that some good always seems to emerge from tragedies.

Terry Schiavo may (or may not) be suffering a living hell (and now, eternal humiliation at the hands of wrong-headed do-gooders), but this ridiculous circus has at least reminded people of the need to square this issue away with their spouse, parents and anyone else who doesn't have a freakin' clue.

So, for the record: if I'm ever in a persistent vegetative state, get my affairs in order and then pull the damn plug. I'd rather die than tear families apart or invite the spectacle of attention-seeking hypocritical ghouls like the Current Ruling Party.

Thanks to Dave Mitchell for reminding me to bring this up. It's a topic you all should make clear to everyone who is (or could be) in any position of power over you. Your position on this issue is your choice, but if you want it to remain your choice, tell it to the world now while you still can.

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