01 April 2004

Today Was a Wonderful Day ...

... on many levels.

ï I got to meet some really nice people and do a little work in the quiet, peaceful environs of DeLeon Springs. While I worked, I was surrounded by peacocks and hummingbirds. It was so idyllic I felt guilty for being unable to compose a sonata.

ï Afterwards, I had my absolute favourite lunch -- fish n chips at Captain D's. Go ahead, laugh at my addiction to fried food. It's part of my DNA, man -- I can't fight it. As many of you know, my English heritage demands the finest in fish n chips, and frankly it's easy to go wrong with that stuff. Captain D's never does. You go to HAIL, Long John Silver's! You go to hail and you DIE! :)

ï I got paid.

ï But wait, it just gets better. Later this evening, I got the wonderous news that Gateway is closing all their stores, exactly as I predicted they would two years ago. Those horrible "computer barns" were not only butt-ugly, but a textbook lesson in how not to sell computers, even crappy PCs to gullible morons. I admit that my prediction was off by exactly 90 days (I predicted the end of 2003), but that's more than near enough for me.

ï Oh, and guess what? The sun rose in the east and set in the west again today, and you know what that means -- yes, another Bush administration lie was exposed. Actually several, but check out the most bizarre one in the entry above.

Today was almost perfect, and lovely (just a tad nippy too). Ah, if only every day could be like today.

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