31 March 2004

Welcome Air America!

Halleleujah, there's finally a liberal radio talk network!

I've been listening off and on to Al Franken's show The O'Franken Factor off and on (their servers have been slammed). A few thoughts:

ï Much more relaxed than I had anticipated. I suppose I was expecting Franken to parody his mentor, Bill "SHUT UP!" O'Reilly. No, some big names and not-so-big names call up and joke around. It's got a very personal feel.

ï Big names. On the first show, they imprison Ann Coulter in the green room (not really -- but really funny!), interview Bob Kerry and Michael Moore, say hello to Al Gore on the phone, and promise Hillary and Richard Clarke later in the week.

ï A nice moment:
AL: Are you sorry you called Bush a deserter?
MOORE: No, not at all. It's true. (he then goes on to indisputably prove it -- again!)

ï I'll tell you the big difference between The O'Franken Factor and the right-wing hatefests: civility and politeness. Even when a self-described "ambush caller" gets through to Michael Moore, they not only let him speak and make his point, they calmly refute it with facts, not names. And they thank him for calling.


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