17 March 2004

Support Honest Voting NOW!

Our best, and possibly only, opportunity to require a voter-verifiable paper trail everywhere in the U.S. for the November 2004 election is "The Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act of 2003." The House version (H.R. 2239) was introduced in May by Rep. Rush Holt. The Senate version (S. 1980) was introduced in December by Senator Bob Graham, and this is pretty much his last hurrah before he retires.

VerifiedVoting.org is in the midst of a campaign to contact every Senator as many times as possible to let them know how much we care about passing this bill. The three senators who have authored similar bills (Boxer, Clinton and Graham) have now come together to unify their efforts. We need to make sure that all the other senators know that a) we want this bill to avoid a repeat of the criminal Florida 2000 election fiasco, and b) that we are watching them carefully on this truly important matter.

PLEASE take a moment to use the 1-800-839-5276 number and:

1) Call your Senator and ask their position on S. 1980. Tell them you support it, and ask them to co-sponsor. (Don't know who your Senators are? Don't be embarrassed -- just go to this web page and select your state. You don't need to call Senators Graham, Boxer and Clinton, obviously.)

2) Report the results of your calls to Verified Voting so they can update the data about the legislators.

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