17 March 2004

If You Vote Bush, The Terrorists Win

Al-Queda has endorsed George Bush, and it's easy to see why.

Let's face it -- Al-Queda is just like any other organisation that opposes things. They have to recruit members, they have to fundraise, and they have to attract more than just members -- they need leaders. Leaders emerge from people who are profoundly offended by the thing they oppose.

To that end, they require a "boogeyman" -- a group or preferably a single individual on whom they can cast all their hate, fear and loathing. George Bush, in doing such a splendid job representing everything evil about America, democracy and capitalism, could hardly be topped as exactly the kind of opponent Al-Queda is looking for. As long as he is in office, Al-Queda will have no problem raising money, no problem attracting members, and no problem organising attacks against our interests.

As long as George Bush is president, the rest of the world will dislike us, and the more-oppressed countries will hate us, and the most-oppressed people will work diligently to destroy us.

So if you want to support the terrorists, vote Bush. If you want to fight the terrorists, vote Kerry. It's just that simple.

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