24 October 2002

Eye Hab a Cohb.

That's "I Have a Cold" in nasal-ese, which is the only language I'm speaking now. Man do I hate having a cold. My throat isn't unduly sore, but I don't feel like talking. If I sit perfectly still and just play Bejeweled on this here nice computer, I don't notice how miserable I am for a few minutes.

Luckily, whenever I'm down (which is rarely, thank goodness), I have a few special websites that help me get back on my feet with a chuckle. One of these is the incredible Lileks.com, home of the Institute of Official Cheer, and best of all the Gallery of Regrettable Food (and now a book of the same name!). If you like doing a noser all over your computer screen, head down to the Gallery and click on the Meat! Meat!! MEAT!! section. You'll love it even if you're vegetarian.

If you've been following my recent spate of MS and PC bashing, you might enjoy Lilek's take on it -- far gentler and more sophisticated than mine, I fear, but equally true to the mark: Fuzzy Brain. Hey, he's got the flu and a crappy computer. See, I'm smiling already.

Another site that always gets me grinning like the boy who squashed the cooties outbreak at his school is As The Apple Turns, which I'm proud to say is the only computer-based soap-opera-cum-satire circulating on the net. It's always hilarious, and sometimes even profound with it's wry observations of life in the fast-paced world of high-tech. Proprietor Jack Miller and his wife recently had a baby which has really cut into their regularity (and the updating of their website!), but when he's on he's on, and all's right with the world. Try this tasty little morsel for a sample of the good stuff Jack's been putting out for many a moon.

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