25 October 2002

Another Day, Another MS F-Up

I know what you're thinking ... "jeejus, the guy's obsessed!"

No, it's not that. It's just that Microsoft won't stop screwing up, and the news media won't stop downplaying it. So somebody has to blow the whistle on these losers. At the very least, Mr. Gates needs to seriously look at the monkeyshines* his ad agencies are perpetrating, and put a stop to it. It really does them no favours, particularly when the head of the company has his own simian issues to deal with.

*monkeyshines -- now there's a word that doesn't get used often enough ...

So here's the latest: not only did MS get busted by the NYC police for papering the town with unauthorised "butterfly" stickers (promoting their new MSN 8 service), they didn't even come up with this idea -- IBM got busted (and paid dearly) for it a year and a half ago. Does Microsoft ever come up with its own ideas??

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