21 May 2010

Reposted *SQUEE*

(Yeah, I’m cross-posting from Crawling From the USA -- what of it?)

So here’s the show we went to see last night:

and it was good. And then we waited in the chill for an hour, and we got this:

Now, depending on who you are reading this, you may be saying “holy crap you met Eddie Izzard?!” or you may be saying “that's a lot of eye shadow for a dude,” but if you don’t know, Eddie Izzard is a comic genius and movie star and we were very very pleased to get a chance to see him live after many years of hero worship. When “Stripped” comes out on DVD, or if you get a chance to see it live, we highly recommend it as a rollicking, intelligent and hilarious tour of the history of the world. As told by an action transvestite. :)

Update: The local paper’s review of the show.

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