22 February 2010

Surprise, Surprise

Well whaddya know -- it turns out that the right-wingers were lying. Again.

This time, about the whole ACORN non-story. I know.


Eric Boehlert has the actual truth, and Digby follows up with more.

The right’s obsession with destroying what is, at best, a benign union of minority-community organizers is both fascinating and unsettling. I could certainly buy the notion that ACORN was over-funded and ineffectively-managed -- of course you could say the same thing about the Pentagon -- but the wild and ridiculous conspiracy theories that have swirled around them have become rather obvious racism over time. Their zeal is not to “clean up” ACORN (this option is never mentioned) but instead to stop it, to destroy it, to defund and dismantle it.

It’s really nothing short of a war on black community institutions, particularly any that are involved in voter registration (I guess trying the old “keep black people off the voter rolls through intimidation, deceptive ads and fraud” was making them look too Klan-like). Making sure blacks (who tend to vote Democratic) remain disenfranchised is what the modern GOP (once the party of Lincoln, some of us will sadly recall) is all about.

Every single one of their recent antics can be traced back to a racist root cause. Interesting.

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