24 August 2009

US healthcare seen through the eyes of the British

Here’s a good, eye-opening report on how dragging the NHS into the “debate” about healthcare may turn out to be the single dumbest thing the Republicans have done since dragging Canada into it. You’ll notice the fear-mongers don’t talk much about either country anymore, in the latter case because for many Americans it’s very close by, and thus easy to disprove. In the latter case, the deathers were hoping that England was far enough away that nobody would actually go and check on their claims re: the “horrors” of the British NHS (which really and truly is “socialised medicine” -- just like the VA!), but oopsie, guess what, England’s still not far enough away and disinclined to stand by and listen to the slander about it without reacting.

It’s a pity more dumb-as-dirt southerners and westerners won’t go see for themselves, but at least Britain’s standing up for itself.

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The never anonymous Mark Glenn adds:

Lies of Mass Destruction
by Sharon Begley


This Newsweek article explains why the 'long form' birth certificate, (or any other credible evidence), won't erase the 'birther myth' or any of the other 'stories' that make up the platform of the far right delusional crowd. The proof for the 'birther' or 'death panel' crowd always boils down to the circular argument of 'It's true because I believe it, and I believe it because it's true.'.

Thinking and evidence have lost their value as a means of settling disputes in America, because arguments don't penetrate belief systems. Belief systems are by their nature impervious to evidence. The only way to make certain that our political processes are not completely dominated by irrational fanatics is to make sure there are more rational people than crazy people (currently there are), and for the rational majority to actively resist being dominated by aggressive zealots.

Zealots like Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and others like them are America's version of Mullahs - not because they are conservative, but because they actively and intentionally promote lies for their political and financial gain. This American Taliban can only prevail if the majority remains passive and underestimates the threat they pose to our real freedoms.