13 August 2009

Elementary, My Dear ... er, Watson

The rumour (and that’s all it is at this point, we won’t know till the movie opens) that the new Sherlock Holmes film by Guy Ritchie will ... expand, shall we say ... on the homoerotic undertones in the odd relationship of Holmes and Watson has prompted my best galpal Liz Langley to pontificate on the whole “bromance” trend in her first article for a new website called Carnal Nation (as if you couldn’t guess by the name, the site could be a bit NSFW though the article itself is perfectly safe).

I encourage and entreat you to check out her work, and here’s a little taste to entice you:
The trendy pop term for this sort of thing is a “bromance,” an attachment between men that strong and emotional, but not sexual. Women call this “having friends.”
The whole article is here.

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