24 June 2009

Can America Take Any More “Family Values” Republicans??

My reaction to the whole Gov. Mark Sanford story:

As others have pointed out, Sanford could have simply resigned last week and thus his family would not have been publicly humiliated in a circus of media questioning about his whereabouts.

Did he really think disappearing for a week wouldn’t attract attention and cause the whole thing to be found out? Did he really think his lying (another “family value” apparently) about hiking was going to wash??

At least one thing is clear: we can’t possibly let gays marry, that would destroy the sanctity of marriage ...

... as soon as people like Larry Craig, Mark Foley, David Vitter, John Ensign, Charlie “sham marriage” Crist, Jon & Kate and Mark Sanford are done destroying it, that is ...

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Anonymous said...

The not at all anonymous Mark Glenn adds:

Fox News Identifies Sanford As A Democrat, taken from:

When does an embattled Republican suddenly become an embattled Democrat? When Fox News is covering him, of course.

The network known for its conservative leaning ran footage of Mark Sanford admitting to an extramarital affair on Wednesday while identifying the South Carolina Republican as a D, for Democrat. Fox News later changed Sanford's party affiliation to Republican (only after they got caught).

Note that this is not the first time Fox has misidentified a GOPer in the midst of acknowledging misconduct. When former congressman Mark Foley admitted to having problems with alcoholism and behaving inappropriately with congressional pages, Fox News also identified him as a Democrat.