06 May 2009

5 Down, 45 to Go

Maine becomes the fifth state to legalise gay marriage.

Ironically, I think the states you would least expect to have a problem with this are going to be among the last to see the light (I’m looking at you, Florida and Cally-fornee-a!).

And as for Oklahoma, go ahead. Secede. Please. And take that crazy, global-warming-denier, racist/sexist boob you laughingly call a senator with you (wouldn’t miss the other one either). Let me see now -- that would make 98 senators with 60 Democrats and 38 Republicans. Yep, sounds good to me.

Actually, I have a much better idea: if Oklahoma tries to secede, Obama should declare the state to be the property of Native Americans and give it to them wholesale. Then they (with help from the US military) could “escort” the white interlopers back out and take back what is rightfully theirs. Might settle a whole lot of shamefully broken promises and rid us of one of the most gawd-awful backward states all in one fell swoop.

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