06 November 2008

One Last Thought on the Election

I was teaching a class when it actually came down, when the networks projected Obama the winner and a pandemonium of joy hit the US. I got home much later and watched some of the late-night commentary (mainly flipping between MSNBC and Canada's CBC, interesting contrast there!) and re-lived the victory as best I could.

One comment in particular struck me and has stayed with me since then, and I regret that I can't seem to find it captured anywhere on the net, because I'm not 100% sure who said it. I think it was Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson, but here it is -- and I think it's a nice coda to this election.
45 years after Dr. Martin Luther King asked us to, the United States has picked a leader based not upon the colour of his skin, but upon the content of his character.

And from cartoonist Tom Toles:

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