17 October 2008

And So It Goes

Some interesting facts about "Joe the Plumber":

1. He's not a plumber. Turns out he's never been a plumber. He's a guy who wants to someday buy a plumbing business. You'd think McCain's team would have interviewed this guy before mentioning him, but then we are talking about the people who didn't even vet their frickin' veep pick ...

2. Oops! Seems Joe's a bit of a tax cheat!

3. Joe (perhaps honestly -- he doesn't seem very bright to be quite frank) misphrased his question to Obama. If he did buy a plumbing business that made over $250,000 (which many small businesses do, in terms of gross income or even net income for that matter), his taxes under Obama's plan would actually go down. If his personal, individual income rose above $250,000, then his personal taxes would go up (very slightly).

4. Turns out Joe actually makes around $40,000 a year. He would benefit big time under Obama's tax plan.

and the coup de grace:

5. Joe's not registered to vote, and it's too late now -- so although he continues to support McCain, it doesn't matter! Oh irony!

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