28 September 2008

Holy Crap

Tina Fey is just ... scary good.

Note particularly that most of Fey's answers were direct quotes from the CBS Couric/Palin interview.

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Jim Donato said...

Sad to say, but "reality" has now rendered satire inert, if not impossible! I can't help but think that the Republicans went into this election year with their eyes wide open and picked a sacrificial goat they all hated who is 72 years old to offer as an election placeholder. Think of it. How much wing-nut moaning about McCain have you heard this year? Quite a lot! And let's face it, the Republicans are usually nothing if not in lock-step 100% behind their party/figurehead.

They knew from the 2006 elections that they were getting their clock cleaned this year. Why not use McCain as a human shield? He'll certainly lose, they can says they made the attempt and better yet, McCain will be too old at 76 to ever think about running again. He'll finally be out of the way and they can lick their wounds and plot with less erratic candidates for 4 years hence.

In the meantime, McCain's meltdown has been a rather wince-worthy spectacle of political theatre* for all of us to "enjoy." The Palin freakshow is just jaw-dropping.