28 August 2008

This is What It's All About, Folks

I am not the first person to think of Joe Biden as I did when he was running for President: Brilliant, experienced, a great speaker -- but a bit of a windbag.

He’s a little too substantive for the head office, if you get my drift -- too much of a policy wonk, not enough ZAZZ!

Turns out, he’s a great choice for VP. I mean, a really great choice. Not only does he cancel out Obama's perceived (by pundits and other airheads) “weaknesses” (yeah, being right all the time, what a weakness!), he can when he puts his mind to it deliver a helluva good speech, for example, here:

Now that's some damn fine speechifyin'! Biden really puts his finger on what has bothered me -- and apparently a lot of Americans -- for the last eight years. Go get ‘em, Joe!

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