28 July 2008

In Defense of Schmidt's Sausage Haus

Columbus Ohio has been getting a rough time this week in the media, because some moron in John McCain's campaign thought going to a German restaurant would nullify Obama's speech in Germany.

This is the same thing as thinking that giving a 16-year-old a Matchbox car will quell their desire for a car.

But let me say this: I've been to Columbus, and I've been to Schmidt's Sausage Haus, and I loved em both. Great town, great restaurant, and it pains me that some unnamed political operative has turned the place into a national joke. Schmidt's has been there since 1886, and will be there long after John McCain fights his last battle with reality.


Jim Donato said...

Leave it to you, Charles, to provide a completely unique take on the McCain Fudge Haus d├ębacle.

chas_m said...

I actually got a letter about this from the Schmidt family!!

This blog post got tracked in someone else's blog etc somewhere ... et al ... and they wrote back saying (basically) "we think all publicity is good publicity, so don't worry about us and thanks for caring."