19 May 2008

A New Hope?

Is Keith Olbermann's hanging around with Chris Matthews starting to rub off?

Chris tore some right-winging bobblehead a complete new one -- on air -- for not having any idea of what he was talking about.

Left Blogistan naturally jumped for joy, conveniently forgetting that he did much the same thing to an Obama spokesperson who could not actually name a single piece of Obama-authored legislation a while back. Mind you, later research revealed that Obama has authored plenty of really quite good legislation -- stuff even Republicans shouldn't have a problem with, like a law requiring police interrogations be videotaped -- but the point was that too many know-nothing, talking-point-repeating idealogue zombies get on our airwaves and pollute the national discourse with their lies and half-truths and general assorted blather.

If Chris Matthews has genuinely soured on the endless parade of repeated bullshit on shows such as his own, this could be a welcome change in two significant ways:

1. Perhaps he'll stop inviting so many transparent surrogates on this show in the first place, and spend more time talking to people who actually know what the hell they're talking about.

2. Perhaps he'll even stop being one of those mindless bobbleheads as he occasionally is.

Probably too much to hope, but I'm ever the optimist.

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