24 January 2008


Feel free to email this to your favourite Republican sparring partner.

Click here for a version that includes clickable links to the sources for this data. Please note that all data used for this chart comes from the Bush administration's own figures.

Now I already know what some people are going to say (because you can't defend this legacy, and the facts are the facts) -- "but George Bush isn't running for Preznit!"

Ah, I say, but only the Republican candidates -- including all three front-runners -- have explicitly promised to maintain the policies that brought us to this point. The Democrats may very well be the spineless whimpering cavemeisters who's love of bureaucracy is matched only by their pathetic need to "make friends" and "compromise" with Republcians the right-wingers paint them as, but they have explicitly promised to change these policies.

They win. Discussion over. Case closed.

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