30 October 2007

Blue-er America

Political report on our road trip thus far:

Florida – slowly getting smarter. Will almost certainly go blue this time round.
Georgia – solidly red. Doesn't matter who the Republican nominee is.
Alabama - solidly red. Still some concern that the nominee might be the hated Guiliani or the mistrusted Romney.
Tennessee – toss-up as far as I can tell.
North Carolina – the parts we were in were pretty solidly blue, and the state might swing that way, but it's hard to tell.
Virginia – has been trending blue for a while now, and no reason for them to change so far ...
West Virginia – no change. Those people don't watch the news. :)
Pennsylvania – by far the most solidly blue state we've visited on this trip. No chance for Republicans here. Anger is palpable.
Ohio – I think it's going to go blue this time around -- assuming the votes actually get counted, that is.

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