23 July 2007

It Was My Birthday!

For some reason, birthdays that are tied to record (LP) speeds are always significant to me. I had a GREAT time in my 16th year, and 33 was another great period (especially about 1/3rd the way through!). Now I'm 45 and facing one of the most momentous years of my life, the Big Move to Canada (documented in more detail on this blog).

Sadly, if I follow my own logic this will be the last truly historic year in my life till I'm 78. Still, this gives me something to look forward to!

According to IMDB.com, I share a birthday with Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter to the rest of you), Monica Lewinski (we both suck!), Marlon Wayans, Slash (see "Monica Lewinski"), Alison Krauss, Stephanie Seymour (hot!), Philip Seymour Hoffman (not!), Woody Harrelson, Martin Gore (of Depeche Mode), Annie Sprinkle, Graham Gooch (the great cricket player), Raymond Chandler, Arthur Treacher (always liked his fish n chips too!), Pee Wee Reese, Bert Convy, Don Drysdale, Gloria De Haven, Don Imus, Andy MacKay (from Roxy Music) and David Essex (Rock On!).


Jim Donato said...

Zowie! Your birthday matches Andy MacKay's! Mine matches Bryan Ferry! Let's form a band!! All we need to do is find which of our friends match the birthdates of Eno, Manzanera & Thompson (May 15, Jan. 31 & Jan. 13, respectively) and bob's yer uncle - instant GLAM ROCK GODS!

Anonymous said...

Well, as mine is on 1/31- two to go!

Hope your 45th was a good one!

BTW, when is the date that you're leaving O-town?

Joey Reynolds

FuzzyDave said...

heppi birthday! the big 45 for me comes in november. I am not looking forward to it.