17 October 2006

Goodbye Dad II

No super-powerful aliens with advanced technology here, I'm afraid.

Michael Rubin, my father-in-law, passed away early in the morning on Tuesday the 10th. I haven't had a moment to write about this before now because we simply had too much to do -- arranging Michael's funeral and my own father's and multiple events connected thereto that took place across two states and, all told, involved at least a couple hundred people.

To be blunt, we are just too spent to really blog about this much, but I couldn't let too much time go by without noting such a significant (to us, anyway) event.

I will say this -- Michael Rubin was like a second father to me, and he was a magnificent father and husband by any measure. He will be much missed by not only his family, but the entire communities he selflessly gave so much to. Our hearts are so heavy with his unexpected and too-soon passing.

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