26 November 2005

RIP George Best

Most Americans have barely if ever heard of him, but take my word for it: he was a hero and a fool. As the greats always do, he was able to sum up his own life quite eloquently: "I've spent my money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered." In the end the alcohol killed him at 59.

One of my favourite rock bands, The Wedding Present, named their debut album after him -- or rather didn't. George Best was (and continues to be) so well known outside the US that the band simply included his picture with no caption identifying him. The album is known universally as "George Best."

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Jim Donato said...

To HE-double-hockey-sticks with George Best! I was just reading a recent Newswreck in my derrmatologist's office and discovered that LINK WRAY gied on Nov. 5! Wail! Lament!