12 October 2005

More Fine Republicans

Gosh, the Republican Party is just teeming with upright citizens! Let's see now:

There's Representative Kevin Brady, arrested for a DUI after getting soused following a dinner to honour him as one of the University of South Dakota's distinguished alumni. I'll say this much for Otis, I mean Kevin, however: unlike any other Republicans listed in this or my previous post, he's already owned up and apologised. I predict he'll be able to retain his office, simply because he came clean, fessed up immediately and seems sincere in his remorse. There's a lesson there a hell of a lot of politicians (of all stripes) could stand to learn.

The Delay Indictment Count is now up to three, though Delay is firing back with subpoenas of his own. My guess is this ruse on Delay's part will be history before the month is out. It's almost entirely meant to give conservative talk-show propagandists something to talk about, because the rest of the national news is, how shall we put this, in conflict with their worldview.

On the speculation front, it's pretty safe to say that "Scooter" Libby, Andy Card and possibly even The Big Dick himself will be indicted pretty soon. In order to be "fair and balanced," however, let's just say there's a "cloud" under which reside several senior White House officials, possibly even the President himself. Oh dear.

So, half of the White House senior staff, and two-thirds of the Senate Republican leadership is under active investigation. Almost makes you long for the odd blowjob, just to make things juicy and salicious.

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