14 October 2005

Keith Olbermann is a Hero

At last, one lone newsman who actually channels Edward R. Murrow instead of just paying lip-service to him.

Thursday's broadcast of Countdown (the only "real" news show I still watch -- sorry Anderson and Aaron, you've gotten better and much more honest but you're still manipulatable by the large conglomerate that employs you) was particularly eye-opening and enlightening -- not just for the utter and complete smackdown Keith put on the White House for their dual botched press events (loooong stretches of video on this), but his actually mock-yawning and mock-falling asleep, thereby refusing to fully read the "celebrity news" and giving them the shellacking they so richly deserve. (Olbermann often prefaces such items with "my producers have forced me to read the following").

UPDATE: There's now a link to Olbermann's masterful corralling of the White House's complete "press event" credibility breakdown on the main Countdown page (see link above).

I'm sorry there's no links at the moment, but Keith promised the blog would be updated soon (currently there's a transcript of his fantastic expose of the political spinning of terror by this administration, which was the centerpiece of last night's show -- and here it is), though I'm not sure how they'll translate "Ashton Kucher and Demi Moore have pictures of their 'wedding' in OK magazine and ZZZZZzzzzzzz .... zzzzzz ..... .... zzzzzz ..."

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