31 January 2005

The Rape of America

Here it is. This is the playbook that will, if successful, rob us all blind. Read it yourself, then demonstrate for me how it does not:

1. Promote the idea that Americans are stupid, gullible, and naive.
2. Admit that the SS scam is exactly that, a scam to give rich stockbrokers/fund managers/the financial industry most of your money while throwing us all deeply into debt. Bad policy, this playbook argues, can be "sold" with clever marketing.
3. Exploit the average American's poor grasp of math to play to emotions, because the proposal makes no logical sense.
4. Hurt the very people who will need it the most, ie the poor.
5. Premise its entire foundation on the importance of lying/misleading/deceiving the American people.

Remember, this playbook is written by Republicans for Republicans. It was never intended to be seen by the rest of us. You can't spin this one away, folks.

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