26 January 2005

Coming Back From the Coma

Sorry for the lack of regular new posts -- I started a new job this month and it has been a real pain adjusting to the 9-to-5 (or in my case, 10-to-6 with lots of evening events that I must attend) world.

The commute to my office, which used to take five or six steps, now takes 30-40 minutes and involves toll roads. Sux0r, as the kids say.

That said, I'm much enjoying being in the pressure-cooker of the newspaper game again. Once there's an archive of my articles available, I'll post a link.

As for what this means to the future of this blog -- well, probably substantial changes. I'm thinking of creating a separate political-only blog and leaving this one as more of a personal journal. The good news is that the film blog, which has not been updated in a loooong time, is about to receive a resuscitation. So there's that.

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