24 November 2004

Living Behind the Irony Curtain

This really would be highly amusing if it wasn't actually happening -- the US is complaining that the Ukraine elections aren't valid because of (get this) "widespread reports of fraud and abuse":
"We cannot accept this result as legitimate, because it does not meet international standards and because there has not been an investigation of the numerous and credible reports of fraud and abuse," Powell said.

Not doubled over in pain yet? Wait ... the US also says that exit polling proves that the election results aren't legitimate:
His comments came shortly after Ukraine's Central Elections Commission announced that Yanukovych, whose candidacy was backed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, won the run-off with 49.6 percent of the vote, defeating pro-Western opposition candidate Viktor Yushchenko, who was said to have received 46.6 percent. Exit polls on the day of the vote had put Yushchenko well ahead, and U.S. and European election observers said there were widespread irregularities.

Gosh I can't help but think that the margin of difference and the reliance on exit polls looks awfully familiar ...
The United States today "stands with the people of Ukraine in their effort to ensure their democratic choice," Powell said. "It is time for Ukrainian leaders to decide whether they are on the side of democracy or not, whether they respect the will of the people or not."

It's actually hard to suppress a giggle. If the Ukranians decide that they do support democracy and the will of the people, can they then coerce the United States to do the same?

Is there no reporter in Washington with the balls to ask "don't you find this a teensy weensy bit deja-vu-ish, Secretary Powell?"

Not quite reaching for the cyanide yet? How about this ... Texas Republicans who were legitimately defeated in the redrawn red-uber-alles map engineered by Tom DeLay now want the legislature there to throw out the results and install them anyway.

A moment of silence for the concept of irony.

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