24 October 2004


It just might be possible to continue living in this backwater podunk town. The Orlando Sentinel (dubbed "the Slantinel" for their painfully obvious right-wing bias) has endorsed John Kerry -- the first Democrat they've endorsed in 40 years.

They join every other major newpaper in Florida in endorsing Kerry. The only three big cities not yet heard from are Jacksonville (expected to endorse Kerry), Tallahassee (expected to endorse Kerry) and Pensacola (expected to endorse Fear+Stupidity).

Indeed the only papers in Florida that have endorsed Bush are the Ocala Star-Banner (horse country, populated largely by mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, toothless rednecks) and the Lakeland Ledger (retired hillbillies and gun nuts, big Libertarian stronghold). Three of the papers that endorsed Kerry are "flip-flopping" from their 2000 endorsements.

More info at Editor & Publisher.

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