01 October 2004

Presidential Presentations Post-Mortem #1a

I've written a lot about the debate in other forums, so I'll save the short version for this blog:

There was only one person on that stage who conducted himself like the President of the United States.

For those of you who actually care to dig deeper into the issues that Kerry and Bush raised (and the claims they made), the Washington Post has an annotated transcript with what they call a "debate referee" (which is kind of silly, since last night wasn't a debate at all, and it sure as hell isn't a damn football game).

I find it very interesting to note that the "referee" gives all calls on questionable claims, except one, to Kerry. In other words, Kerry was telling the truth about everything he spoke of, except for one semi-accurate flub: Kerry said that the President was spending "hundreds of millions" on bunker-busting nuclear bombs, when in fact only $35M has been spent so far (another $500 is set aside for future development, so in point of fact Kerry is technically correct). That may be a first in the history of presidential debates! :)

President Bush, on the other hand, misled and outright fabricated a number of his claims. It's just that simple.

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