08 September 2004

The Shocking Revelations

The media, like the public, love scandal -- but apparently they only love scandal when it is packaged and published like a scandal, ie with a scandal-monger's name attached to it.

Example: the Vice President of the United States tells people that if you don't vote for Bush-Cheney, the US will suffer another terrorist attack. The media duly report it, but only as an introduction to set up two chattering heads to argue about what he "meant." So not really a scandal, even though I think it's the most un-American thing I've ever heard out of Cheney's mouth, and that's saying a lot.

OTOH, when Drudge and some tabloids reported that a crazy woman claimed President Clinton fathered her child, with absolutely no evidence, the press was all over it with no rebuttal. The truth eventually came out, thankfully, but there's still millions of Americans who mentally add it to their blackening of Clinton's character unfairly. See the difference?

So now, thanks to scandal-monger Kitty Kelley's new book, The Family, the press are eager to pay close attention for any hints of Bush scandal. Some naughty wag at The Poor Man got an advance copy of the book and found scandal aplenty. Here's the list. Go salivate, media whores. (thanks to Atrios for the tip.)

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