05 September 2004

Bush: Bad President Part Two - The War on "Terra"

Last week I wrote a lengthy piece putting aside the personality of George W. Bush and focusing, as objectively as possible, on his actual record of accomplishment on economic issues.

I think it's really quite indisputable that Bush has, from an economic standpoint, been a terrible president. This alone ought to get him drummed out of service this November, but I do actually understand that some people are made stupid by fear, and worry about "changing horses" during "a war."

I would point out to them that "changing horses" is actually a routine practice in war, both literally (the Cavalry, the Pony Express, the military when it was largely on horseback) and figuratively (we changed presidents twice during the Vietnam conflict, for example). The concept that we have to keep Bush because he started this thing just has no grounding in history whatsoever.

Anyway, while I took a look at Bush's economic record, Frank Lynch over at samueljohnson.com has examined Bush's supposed strongest points -- his record on "terra" as he likes to call it -- and found the president seriously lacking there too.

As Frank says, I can't for the life of me imagine anyone who has actually looked at Bush's record voting for the guy, but of course most of the people who plan to vote for him haven't, or (worse) are actively hostile to facts. And it's quite clear that Bush's campaign strategy is exactly that: to keep the subject off Bush's record as long as possible. It's dismaying how successful they are at that.

UPDATE: Want more? Daily Kos has a couple of great, long lists of Bush's other failures. Take a look here and here and here.

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