27 August 2004

Restoring American Credibility

This USA Today editorial calmly and elegantly explains the problem, and what's more they also tell you, in plain English that even the most agenda-obsessed neocon could understand, what to do about it. A small excerpt:
Still missing are solutions to broader problems arising from the scandal:

1. Addressing international fallout. Around the world, Abu Ghraib has become a symbol of an arrogant America that doesn't practice the respect for human rights that it preaches. The negative impression not only falsely portrays the U.S. as a nation that disregards international norms of behavior, but -- more worrisome -- it also helps al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups recruit.

Correcting that impression is essential. The task begins with establishing a clear chain of accountability. The case for firing the top brass or the civilian leadership is less clear but certainly a possibility

Now, I happen to think that this means replacing the Commander-in-Chief, on who's shoulders the responsibility ultimately lies (even if he has made a lifetime career out of ducking it).

But even if you don't agree about changing presidents, you must -- surely -- agree that the above two paragraphs are the absolute minimum that must be done to begin to repair the incredibly damaged moral authority of the United States. The USA Today editorial goes on to list several more steps, all equally obvious to every decent person except the administration. Go read.

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