17 July 2004

Martha F'ing Stewart

I cannot believe that Martha Stewart's slap-on-wrist jail term is the top story all over the wires, the TV news, the newspapers. What is wrong with this country?

Yes, this story is noteworthy. Yes, it's even controversial. So far, that merits a mention on page A-10, not A-1.

Do you know how many US soldiers died in Iraq today? You don't, do you? Do you know why you don't know? Because the US media has decided that Martha Stewart is more important, that's why. Go on, tell me again how liberal the media is.

Meanwhile, in Australia and other countries where they don't give a flip about Martha Stewart, it's being reported that Dr. Iyad Allawi (the new Iraqi PM we installed, remember?) shot six detainees* in the head by his own hand just a few days before the transfer of power.

*Clue for the mentally impaired: "detainees" means "people who have been accused, but not tried or convicted, of a crime."

We're paying this guy to run Iraq. Could someone please explain to me how a murderous thug who shoots possibly-innocent people himself is better than Saddam? I'd really like to know.

Quote of the week: As is the case so often, Jon Stewart sums it up:
"We spent 200 billion dollars to give the Iraqi people democracy. We gave it to them, and the first thing they did with it ... was declare martial law. Yeah. That was worth it."

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