14 May 2004

War Crimes

Maybe I'm the weirdo, but I routinely watch all or part of Tavis Smiley's PBS chat show. I'm white (phosphorescent white, thanks to a near-lifetime of avoiding the sun), but I take an interest in black issues and the black perspective.

I'm beginning to wonder if I'm the only white blogger who does.

Last night on the show, Rev. Jesse Jackson came on to talk about -- and show -- previously unseen torture photos. Jackson bluntly calls this what it is -- war crimes. These were more of the same in terms of the hideousness of the abuse and therefore no more shocking -- naked Iraqis being threatened with guns, etc -- than previously-released material.

What made them interesting were that they were taken in camps other than Abu Ghraib. Further, Jackson believes that these pictures are significantly older than the ones you've all seen -- months older, possibly a year. This would indicate that the problem of prisoner abuse is widespread, that it is systemic, and that most importantly, it is coming from higher-ups.

That part seemed to me to be a teensy bit newsworthy, but guess where this story has appeared?